brake diagnosis help needed

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Apr 3, 2004
I ground my driver's side rear rotor on Friday. The pads were not that old, so I was somewhat surprised. The outboard pad was shot, worn to the metal. The inboard pad was much better, maybe .25 of an inch left. Is the caliper sticking? The pins were dry and rusty, so I got some caliper grease and lubed them up. Is there any way, other that time, to tell if the caliper is sticking or if the lube is sufficient? I spun both rear tires while I had it jacked up and I couldn't tell any real differance in the force needed to turn the tires. Also, I noticed that the pad support plates were missing on the pad that was shot. Is that the cause of the rapid wear? Thanks.
Sounds like you got it. If the slider pins are munged, you will find the wear issues you refer to. Make sure to check both sides and grease em' up good. I have been running with out the support plates for 6 years, meh, no problem so far. Good luck!
Thanks for the help. I will just monitor the wear and see if the pin lube did the trick.

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