BP51- 0 degrees, clunk is definitely gone

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Anthony. aka arich
Apr 20, 2004
New York
After a week of cold weather in the Northeast where temps dropped below zero I can finally say without a doubt in my mind that ARB fixed the clunk issue that some of us discovered. This set of shocks have been on since the beginning of April. The ARB 200 and my truck were the two test vehicles in the US.

I’ve also got my settings dialed for a truck with no added weight with the goal of a comfortable, well handling, everyday truck.
Front Conpression 2 Rebound 5.5
Rear C2 R5
Front Preload 0 mm
Rear spring 2720 give it Just a 1/2” rake

If you experiencing any issues just get in touch with ARB, they really stepped up to the plate to rectify this.

Awesome - that is the path I want to go with my truck here soon hopefully - what lift are you seeing? I need to keep mine as low as possible, though obviously not lower then stock. I think to clear my garage my max lift possible is about 2".
Thanks for posting up. I can validate that claim as I have had the same experience here in Northern VA, 15 degrees F outside and no clunking noise. When I purchased this LC from my friend, Ray, two months ago, I also purchased these BP-51's NIB from him. He said he had not installed them yet as he was waiting to make sure he received a post fix set from ARB, so I put them on last month. Great ride!



What front springs are you using?

You don't add front springs to the BP51s. The fronts are coilovers, and the spring is part of the front unit.
You set preload on the spring with a threaded ring to adjust for weight of your truck plus mods (which also impacts lift like rear springs do).
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