BP-5 preload question

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Feb 2, 2009
BP-51 preload question: For those of you who have done this, how do you change the preload? The tool referenced by ARB does not seem to exist. Since my Autozone spring compressors were barely adequate when I changed my struts with the stock springs, I am not hopeful they will work for the heavier springs.

I will need to adjust them before install because I'm not putting the bumper on (yet).

I have the tool, bought it from wheelers off road, was $70 with shipping. You will need spring compressors that can handle the load, and with how the tool is designed, you can only adjust with the coil over off the truck, I'd also recommend getting a a small millimeter ruler, as from my playing with the height, you want the left and right at exactly the same height.

I've never seen any truck want the same preload left and right before, but dang the 200 sure does.
Thanx Taco.

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