Bought my first FJ80

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Aug 1, 2013
Got a good deal....200k miles, 99% rust free, bone stock with torn up leather interior. Let the build planning begin. Leaning toward 2" suspension lift with a 1" body lift not sure though. Definitely custom front/rear bumpers, sliders, skid plates, 35" MTRs, new leather interior, and new exterior paint. Stoked.
Welcome to the addiction.....lost of sleep due to "the" dreaming of what the LC could be! lots of busted knuckles because the nature of the vehicle's age....but all worth it. What year is it? Locked?
anyhow, I have found this site to be the best and the people on here are super awesome!
Welcome. Do the usual LC checkup depending on year model, hoses, leaks, knuckle oil/grease seals, and have fun. This is my very first 'project' car/truck ever and all I can say is it's been a fun learning experience both mechanically and physical and mental endurance/patience, even though I'm in neck deep! :D
Its an unlocked 93. Bought in eastern WA for $3700 and drove 200 miles back to Oregon with no issues. Going in to NW Landcruiser Monday to put on the lift to check for any issues. Looking forward to having a project 4x4 again.

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