BorregoFest Event: October 19th - 20th, 2013

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Dec 31, 2007
El Cajon, CA
Planning for Outdoor Adventure USA's annual BorregFest event is in the works. The dates are set for October 18th - 20th, 2013. This is a family friendly event that never fails to impress and the potluck is always a hit! Runs for the event and the other details will be posted in the next few weeks...

More info here:

Still on the fence on this one. It's the weekend prior to Mountain Rendezvous, so two weekends in a row, I just don't know yet.
Brent, it's either camp or rehab, haha.
I wish I have weekends off.
I'll be heading out to the event Saturday afternoon on the 19th. My family and I will be participating in a run to fund melanoma cancer research Saturday morning at UCSD Moore's Cancer Center. I'll have the Jeep loaded so we can head out to the campground afterwards.

On Sunday I'll be leading a run up Coyote Canyon.

Then next weekend we'll be at the Mountain Rendezvous!
That Sat Truckhaven run sounds really good. Gotta get wrenching!

Hell, it would be worth it just to wheel with a Pinzgauer!
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Hell, it would be worth it just to wheel with a Pinzgauer!

And Tom Severin. I'm almost tempted to join his run as 1) I haven't been wheeling in awhile. 2) I have never been to truckhaven 3) Tom is a good instructor and I could learn a thing or two.
I have learned something new every time I have followed Tom around. Last year we went to some virgin dunes and had a blast running 8psi across the dunes. I would never have tried that if it wasn't for Tom giving me the confidence that I could in fact do it. It was a blast.
I rode along with Ollie on a prerun Saturday to check the trail conditions. The recent storms out there have really tore things up! Things also didn't go quite as planned!


Shortly after descending Diablo drop off and entering the gulch, I perched myself atop a ridge to get a few shots of Ollie's FJ making its way through a few rocky sections. As the vehicle started to climb a boulder it suddenly died. Ollie tried starting it again but to no avail. We were suddenly stranded in the desert...

Check out the link here for more photos and my complete write-up on our trip:
I wanted to join you guys but this weekend was a no go for me. Hope you had fun.
Sounds like an adventure indeed. Beautiful pics.
Trip report...

I hope the rest of Coyote Canyon is open by the time the event rolls around later this month. I went out this last weekend to check things out...


"The road into Lower Coyote Canyon was badly damaged during summer rainstorms, and will not open until mid-October or later. The road into Upper Coyote Canyon should open as scheduled October 1. Horse Camp should open October 1, but the road to Horse Camp has soft sand, and four-wheel-drive is recommended. We appreciate your patience as we work to repair these roads." -Anza Borrego Park Headquarters

Although it seemed that I would be unable to travel the entire trail, I was curious to see how far I could get and how badly it was damaged from the recent floods. There were also a few other areas I wanted to explore...

Click here for more photos and the complete write up: ABDSP: Culp Valley, Coyote Canyon, Kane Springs Rd, & Harper Canyon - Oct. 5th, 2013
Just can't do two weekends in a row. Will be first missed Borregogest in 4 years (heart attack prevented going that year!).

Have fun and drink lots of great wine! Hope the winds stay down for you this year too!
San Felipe Wash to Old Kane Springs Road (BorregoFest 2013)

Here's my report from the event...


“To this site I gave the name of Zienega de San Sevastian, alias del Peregrino. In the place where we halted there is a good spring of very potable water, and there are many others to the west which are saline. From them is formed a marsh more than a league long with plentiful pasturage, although it is likewise salty.” –Juan Bautista de Anza, March 10, 1774

It was a great weekend spent camping with my family and other adventure-minded people, exploring the history and beauty of our local deserts. Click here for more photos and the complete write up:

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