Bonfire Rendezvous - April 24th - Byrds Adventure Center


Feb 1, 2020
Saturday, April 24th - Byrds Adventure Center - NSO staff arrives at 3:00 PM

For those attending the Bonfire Rendezvous, you will need to stop by the Byrd's office when you arrive. If you are camping with us you will need to pay for your camping. If you aren't camping on Byrd's property you will be charged a day fee instead of camping. Make sure you are not charged a Byrd's trail fee unless you intend to try some of the trails in their off-road park. If you are just driving on National Forest trails you DO NOT need to pay Byrd's trail fee.

After paying for camping, and if you want to camp in the Bonfire Rendezvous primitive camping area where most will be, you will want to take the road in front of the restaurant and go through the red gate. Please stay in the mowed area. Also remember to Tread Lightly and no digging, please.

The NSO staff plan to arrive at about 3 pm on the 24th. We will have patches and stickers for sale and will have a limited number of NSO shirts (not Bonfire shirts) for sale for those wanting them. We will start the Bonfire at about 7:30.



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