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Mar 3, 2006
Victoria, B.C.
for the last month or so i have been doing body work
don't have a pic of what the door channels looked like before i started but it was filled with bondo an tape over it from the previous owner... i knew it when i bought it but it was alot of work to get them to were they are now... 30 hours of work and i welded in new steel to the rear sill and welded in some door channels that i had from a previous cruiser and patched a couple holes in the front floor pans... also painted the dash and glove door and ash try and instrument cluster...

and i bought some hippo liner which is a paint on bedliner when it was on sale at lordco and used one of the accounts from another forum for $40 bucks ...

first pic is where the boss let me stuff my cruiser in the shop at work... good thing it allowed it to dry out a bit.. since its been tarped for more than a year...

then pics of the hippo liner and door channels (used that rocker guard on the rockers and door channels.. )
then pics of the dash...

i already put the gas tank back in before i took photos it is bedliner under that..
more pics... sorry about the dust...
front floor pans i used that rattle can undercoating on it... will see how well it holds up...

now its on to cutting up the rear quarter panels... since i installed 60 springs in the rear... chop chop ...
i installed the gas tank but it is hippo lined under that...

anyone running flipped springs in the front ... looking for a pic... my wheel base is around 94 right now and thinking of punching out the main leaf and flipping the springs in the front.... should put me around 98 or so.....
Lookin' good, amazing how much time those projects eat up! I'm running 60 rears on that 4runner, flipped and re-drilled approx 1.5 inches forward. Not sure if the pics in that thread will help you, but you're welcome to have a look/beer when I'm back next week.
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next is putting the seats in and roll bar back in...
then a new tailgate and rear bumper and spare tire carrier (got it back from the powder coater a couple weeks ago... )

then frame tie ins for the roll bar and sliders that i have cut up just need to weld them together...

and somewhere in there i am making a set of aluminum half doors...

list goes on but it is under ten now.... :D
Very nice. I can't wait to go wheelin with you. Say hi to Laura and Caleb!

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