Body for 1978 FJ-40???

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Sep 15, 2008
A friend of mine just picked up a 78 40 that is in dire need of a body if anyone local knows/or has one let me know with a price.Or you can stop and see him directly he owns Marsh Auto motive on Baptist Rd his name is Brian too (412) 835-1800 I f he cant find a body he might part the truck out in that case ill let you guys know also
i know brian, good dude. i stop down there every once in awhile. he bought that green thing a good while back. he should just take my spare frame too, 'cause that thing is a lost cause.
i didnt actually look under the tarp but he said he would like to save it,brian went to ludlow with us 2 years ago while he still had his yj,then he got a 4runner like mine and now hes got a 89 Xtra cab im trying to get him out and wheelin again but hes a busy guy

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