Blacked out hood

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Dec 7, 2004
NW of Denver
Had clear coat peeling from the hood so in the mean time until I either score a hood that is mint or win the lottery for a real paint job I blacked it out.

I taped it off and washed it soft scrub-
Then I hit real good with some 220 grit or some thing.
A few coats of Rustoleum Industrial satin black- rattle can
A can of matte clear coat-rattle can

Sanding between coats lightly
Then hitting it with 1000 grit to get some of the spray lines out.

All in all it looks 100 times better than what it did- In the future if I got it professionally painted, I would run it blacked out anyway cause it does look bad ass. Plus I don't miss the glare!
Land Cruiser 026.jpg
Land Cruiser 027.jpg
Land Cruiser 029.jpg
I like it! Nice quick fix too.

Great idea and look too.
You have my seal of approval!
My first thought: 'you're worried about clearcoat?'

My second thought: 'damn, makes the hood look scooped'.

Nice work!
It was actually down to almost bare metal- was more worried about rust-

I have see a few other ones blacked out on mud- but it was hard to see what it really looked like balcked out so I thought i would show some pics-

I have tons more posts to put up - After 6 years I am able to post up pics- I kept putting it off but we got a new computer that makes it easy.:clap:
Looks great. Glad to know spray paint can look that good!

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