BJ60 Electrical Troubles

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Apr 11, 2010
NW Ontario Canada
My 1982 BJ60 wont run, the 3b starts really easy but dies right away when you switch ignition from start to run. I replaced a rotten oil pressure sending unit and tested the ignition switch. I have no guages working or lights in the gauge panel. All fuses appear ok but when I removed the fuse panel it has some corrosion. I dont think I have a fuel problem cause it starts real easy but I could be wrong about that too. Any help I would really appreciate.
Is the fusible link for the truck OK? There are a couple of fusible links right at the battery. They look just like ordinary wire but they are not. See if you have continuity.
The problem your discribing happens when you remove the engine fuse, I'd check that the contacts in the fuse holder are clean and that the fuse is good, replace the engine fuse in the panel with a known good fuse.
If the fuse panel has corrosion you may have some interesting problems on your hands. If you can, unbolt it, check to make sure none of the wires inside it that go to the fuse contacts have separated or rotted out. Don't just trust your eyes, give them a gentle pull and test with a meter. Clean any corrosion you can and test it again. Also check you wiring at the ignition relay and glow timer (if you still have one). There may be a nice collection of problems happening there but start with the fuses. Do any of your guages come on just before you turn the engine over? the position for IGN on the switch? do the idiot lights come on?

I get no lights or gauge action at all, I checked the ignition switch already. I removed the fuse panel and my starter doesnt work either now so I am thinking my rotten fuse panel is suspect for sure. Is the engine fuse in the panel or under the hood? Thanks for the help.
ignition relay/ glow timer

I dont think my glow plug timers still hooked up as there is a homemade glowplug button and some lights installed to what used to be the glowplug ready lamp, this lamp used to gradually light up but quit working recently. The glowplugs still work but I cant tell how long to push the button. Not sure about ignition relay but that sounds like a potential problem area. I will get the relay test procedures and check it.
disconnect the rod from the EDIC motor to the injection pump,if it runs,check your oil pressure and the smaller oil pressure sender,the edic will shut the engine when the wire to the small oil pressure switch is grounded.
if nothing lights up in the ACC key position then start with the basics and work from there, if the switch is fine (I assume you put a meter on it and checked the voltage at each position - hint :D )
then the ignition relay (it would click if there is power (should be the last one closer to the firewall (round housing).
if no clicky, check to see if it gets power, if no power then back to the fuse block and ignition switch, etc. etc. Don't you just love electrical problems. Do you have an FSM and an electrical factory diagram? Did you have an alarm system in that vehicle at any point? I only ask because when my alarm died (bad water crossing) I tried putting all the wires back where they are supposed to be and it caused headaches.
Shes Running now

Cruisen Now Many thanks to everybody who posted, I got her running this weekend. All it took was the new oil pressure sender and a dremel tool. I removed the fuse panel and took out every fuse, cleaned em and then used a tiny wire wheel on the dremel to clean each fuse holder contact......put it back together and bang all my stuff was workin. Yeeeehaw I instantly burned around the house a few times for the ole lady,,,hahaha,,, and took her for some testing on the back forty. Everything appears to work except the transfer case is hard to get into 4low but its prolly just stiff from lack of use,,,I will see if I can rectify that. Just driven the cruiser makes me happy, feels like I was meant to get this one. Thanks from a very happy hillbilly. I will prolly need more help with tune up and some other stuff but I have to go outta town workin this week so it will have to wait.

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