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Mar 21, 2007
Hello All,
I would just like to get a little feedback......I recently purchased a 81 bj44 those who are familiar will know this model, it is a bit longer of a wheelbase than the fj/bj40 about 7 inches..... So far it seems quite nice, I find it to drive smoother than my old bj40, probably due to the extra length. It is in really good shape very little rust and super low kms. I have big plans for it as far as "pimping it out"goes but before I get into it for too much $$$$$ do any of you have any negative feedback about these vehicles??? there were not a whole lot made as I dont think they were as popular as the 40 series. Everything internally appears to be the same as the regular 40 just a bit longer.

Thanks Rusty
Is that the one on Ebay from a couple of weeks back? Was located in Delta, B.C.? A little bit of rust in the footwells?

Tell us some more details and post more pics if you can. What are your plans for the rig?

And hey - you might want to cross-post this in the Diesel/JDM section, as far as getting answers to your questions....

My wife and I are considering a RHD, how much did you pay? What's the body like under all that new paint?

That is one sweet looking 44 you got there. Really looks sharp.

The only differences are the length of the tub, frame, rear drive shaft length and rear leaf packs. I could be missing something though.

The tub is about 6" longer from the rear of the door to the wheel well.

Longer and thicker leaf packs in the rear. Mine has some leafs from a HZJ77 mixed into the 44 leaf pack to help flex without making the pack thick and stiff.

Only negative I can think of is with a winch front and rear and the top off the 44 has some wicked frame flex.

Mine is getting a fiberglass body, full length box frame and a H55 toybox install on it now. Will bring it back home when I get done with my tour here.

I would keep that beauty just the way it is though. It really is sharp looking.

Here a couple of pics of mine SOA and top off. My tub had been boxed so I have a bit of the frame out the back.

Hit BJ-44 with a PM. He has some good knowledge on them and he was always helping me mod mine.
Awesome rig.... they are my favorite..(and 45's, 55, 47's 80's...)

Ain't much on driving a mail truck (RHD) but no LHD's made for those.. sweet rig and congrats.


its not that one from delta, i would like to do the suspension on it, and get a roll cage....cheers

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