Bilstien conversion on 2004

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Oct 8, 2020
Guys I bought this ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title and installed it. Sits level and looks really good. Question I have is the rear shocks seems VERY hard on small bumps. Is that normal with this setup. Almost FEELS like bottoming out on speed bumps when suspension is coming back down. Have towed a fairly heavy trailer a couple times and that feels right. The rears are not adjustable like the front so it is what it is if that is the case. Anyone else have similar issue??
There is no "conversion" involved with installing those shocks. The "conversion" is the removal of rear airbags and installation of coil springs. Shocks are irrelevant to the rear conversion. What could be making it ride rough is if you are still on airbags which are blown, OR you went with a coil spring conversion that does not have enough lift and the shocks are bottoming out.

Either way, those Bilsteins will ride like s*** compared to the stock shocks.
That's what mine had when I bought it, and were approx. equivalent to the "low" setting on the adjustable suspension. I switched to FJ rear springs/upper isolators and the Icon lower isolators with firestone coil-rite bags. Sits about 1" higher and does ride a little better, no bottoming out.

I read somewhere that the 5100s are meant for a 0.5-3" lift on a GX... but I don't entirely know what that means since the factory suspension is adjustable height.
Yeah, those no name coils are a problem. Replace with FJ coils.

I converted my air bags to FJ coils with Bilstein 5100 in the rear and Bilstein 6112 in front at the lowest setting. It still picked up about .5" so basically at the "high" setting on the air bags. Rides perfectly on the street, performs great for the mild offroading I do.

Great article on shock valving differences - Digressive vs Linear vs Progressive Pistons & Shock Valving - AccuTune Off-Road -

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