BFG Mud Terrain KM Baja Old Stock Value? (1 Viewer)

Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I have one older style BFG Mud Terrain KM 2006 tire 285/75/16. Its 95+% new condition that I have as a spare for several years now. It still has some of the new tire bumps and writing on the tread. I removed it and replaced it with the old style Wild Country RVT I had in the garage for years. Trust the RVT over the BFG as I have run RVT's for 30 years with no problems, never ran Mud Terrains.

Is the old BFG Mud Terrain tire worth much to someone that wants an old school tire for display or show truck/jeep/SUV spare? I would not run it much on the hwy due to its age, 10 years old, 6 years is considered max for safety.

I was going to use it as a backup spare for my trip to Alaska and junk it when I get there as I don't plan on returning to the lower 48 with my FZJ80. If its worth some $$$ then I will put it on Ebay and see what it goes for. Anyone know what this tires value is? If its what I paid for it $75 or up to $100 I will just keep it as an insurance policy for my trip.

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