Best wheels size for 35s

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Apr 29, 2010
I am ordering my wheels and tires this week for my LC and wanted to know what you guys think the best back spacing or wheel size is for 35x12.50s. I am runing a Old Man Emu lift, I just want to know what wheels work best to eliminate rubbing. Thanks
Don't know what year your rigs is, but the stock wheels are very good, light and strong. Unless your paying big $$$ any replacements wont be as good of quality, most are cast. For wheeling I prefer the 2/3 rule, a 315 is ~12" section width, so the stock 8" rim works great.
I am in the process of this as well and I think a 17" is a must. I think you will recoup yuour wheel cost the first time you buy another set of tires. I was looking at tha BFG KM2 and the price difference is large between a 16 and 17 at 35 and 37 inches. I think on one it was 60-70 bucks diff. The width at 8 inches is plenty
Part of it is personal preference. I have 17X10" wheels with 35x12.50-17 BFG KM2's which I think looks better than the narrower, smaller wheels and it gives me a little more overall width. I have no rubbing issues with OME Js and front spacers

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