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Feb 3, 2007
I have a 78 fj40 with flat front springs. Rides rough. I have BFG 33X9.5 tires. Love the tires. I drive on the road, gravel roads, and some woods roads. What are the softest springs I can get for the best ride with the least lift? Or can I get away with no lift?

Thanks for the input.
Aug 6, 2005
Corpus Christi/Austin, Texas
SOA helps, but since you seem to want to stick with the 33s and are not super hard core or anything, I would look into HFS and OME 2.5 in lift kits. Will let your run 33s fine, and will slightly improve the ride, but don't expect a Cadillac. This kit can be put on in a weekend, it will cost a bit.

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