Bears, Food, Trailer, electric fence?

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Oct 13, 2012
Fernie, BC
Looking for the best way to leave food in the trailer: cnd M101 with tarp cover.

Anybody ever charge their trailer so it acts like an electric fence? Maybe install electric fence wiring around it?

Family of 6 in a 93 LC and CNDm101 trailer. Last summer we kept all the food in the truck but that was a PIA.

Oh and yes I know a determined bear can take anything apart. Rather it be the trailer then the back door of the LC.

Thinking so far:
Option 1: build several Al bear boxes to contain food, cutlety. Buy a bear proof cooler ($$$$)
Option 2: install a solid cover on the trailer. Only issue is this limits what we can stack in there. The tarp is flexible.
Option 3: install a battery and electric fence type energizer to charge up the trailer and a mesh in the tarp. Tires would insulate. When I park I drive in some grounding stakes and charge it up. Nice bright signs to tell other campers not to touch. Potential issues: paint may insulate. Ground in some area may not be good for grounding.

To support the electric fence idea:

Parks Canada uses them to protect soft sided trailer and you can buy portable electric bear fences. (I'll post links when my iPhone starts behaving.)
Did a lot more research. Looks like a trailer that gives an electric shock is a good option. Even cheap electric fences keep the bears away as long as they touch it first with there nose or paw. Hair protects them. The energizers are rated safe for kids and people with pace makers. They won't touch it again though.

I'll put together some drawings and post. Maybe someone will be interested.

Some links: Fence_resource.php
My family uses these on thier remote cabins as well. 12 Volt power with solar charger. Works well and has been used for many years.
Cool. Thanks guys!!! I thought I was nuts. Heading into town this week and will look at what the farm store has to offer.

I'll post what I find.
Thanks for posting this thread, had not thought about electric fencing to keep the critters away. Always a concern in bear country.
Ok. Here is what I found at Pevymart with some pictures. (CND $$$)

-Patriot PE10b electric fence energizer. Can be plugged to 6v or 12v battery. $75
-660 ft of 1/2" wide tape. $30
-four warning signs $5
-rod post insulators 25 in package $6.50.
-battery box I found at a garage sale awhile back.

There was a solar charged unit for $110 but I decided against it. This way I can use the battery for other things like lighting up the camp. Also the solar unit had half the power and thinking grizzly bear...

Thoughts so far is buy a small 12v battery and mount everything inside the battery box with an on off switch. Use 12" steel tent pegs to ground the unit. Charge the trailer body and a string of around the outside. If an animal touches with the string or the trailer steel they will get a shock.

Alternative is if I want to protect the whole campsite I can use the plastic insulators and some rebar or sticks go all the way around.

Definitely a work in progress. Suggestions welcome.

A related question might be: how much pissed off would a hungry grizzly be after getting electric shocks...? :D

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