Bare aluminum intake paint??

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Aug 8, 2004
Gig Harbor, WA
Fixed a leak on my intake with good ol JB Weld. While its off i wire wheeled it and got the gunk off, back to bare aluminum. Will it oxidize/corrode without paint? Ive got 500 degree aluminum colored paint if i need to paint it to keep it lookin good.
the thing with aluminum is that it is more reactive than steel but it is around some magical number regarding oxidation that it oxidizes a protective coating around itself - so you've never actually seen pure aluminum - just aluminum oxide - it happens instantly - so will it corrode, no. but if it gets dirty again you'll just have to clean it

on the other hand since you have JB weld on there and it is no longer pure aluminum, I am unsure of what would happen - the areas covered by the jbweld would be starved of oxygen and could cause pitting by galvanic corrosion

Galvanic corrosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Galvanic cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pitting corrosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

those articles don't show it well but that can happen with one metal as well as two different metals.

i bet you're fine leaving it though - i don't think aluminum is likely to do that.
x2 on the POR-15 intake stuff, great to work with and I like the silver.

POR-15 makes intake/exhaust paint(gray,silver/aluminum,black).

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