BANNING MOTORSPORTS Debuts New 6100 Truck at BITD Parker 425

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Feb 24, 2010
Parker, AZ (February 12th, 2015)- As Banning Motorsports rolled into Parker, AZ for the 2015 Best In The Desert, Parker 425, it became a reality as they were getting ready to debut their new 6100 Pro Truck. The Parker 425 has been apart of the series for generations and the season opener would see over 200 entries for the race. Championship points will start to be earned and this race would set the pace of what is to come for the year.
As the feature race for Banning Motorsports, they use this weekend to celebrate their past season. Inviting sponsors, supporters, fans, friends, family and team-members to their traditional after race dinner and party. Presenting plaques to their sponsors and team.

“We had another stellar year in 2014 with the 1178 car winning another championship, the 1023 car tying for a second championship.” Stated Lee Banning Sr. to the entire party. “Stellar performance in the Baja 1000 with a 3rd place podium finish, and the 2488 car we were finally able to get the engine package sorted out and ready for the 2015 year.”After much anticipation, Banning finally presented their new truck to the desert. Time Trials took place on Thursday prior to the race and this would be the first time BITD would have 6100 Pro Truck class qualifying. Banning Sr. qualified the new #6155 truck and was able to secure a 13th starting position.
Come race day Banning had a great start off the line around 8:15am. This year the morning sun was not an issue for them as they passed several trucks early on in the race. At race mile 30 they would be about 5th on the road. completing a flawless first lap, coming in to the main pit python they were only about five minutes behind the leader and eventual winner Brett Sourapas. After lap 1, Banning Sr. handed the truck over to Gary Williams.

The team experienced a longer than expected pit stop due to fueling issues which would set them behind on time. The second lap Williams would began to experience fuel pressure problems that caused us to back down the pace. Williams who still managed to pass a few more racers would pull into the pit for the final drivers change after the 2nd lap. Banning Jr. would take over driving for the 3rd and final lap, but yet another long stop trying to figure out fuel issues would set them behind yet again. Banning Jr. was finally off and back on course. Other than the fuel pressure issues limiting the full power, the drivers and co-driver, Chris Godfrey, did a flawless job.

The 2488 car with Bryan Folks and Tim Sullivan started out having a great day till around RM 98. Folks would miss a turn which would cause them to get off course, damaging the wheels. Folks would end up hurting his back and unable to continue. Sullivan moved to the driver’s seat and brought the car around to main pit on the right front tire. Adam Warren jumped in to co drive and the team would continue to the Midway pit where Rick Graf took over the driving duty’s the car. Still in the lead after all the problems Rick was charging hard when coming back to main pit and the vehicle would lose the transmission ending the day for 2488.

Banning Motorsports team also supports the Melton motorsports 1023 car and changed a cv in under 8 minutes enabling them to win their class by 18 seconds.
Lee Banning Sr. would like to thank the entire Banning Team for another stellar day in the desert, you all rock!!!

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