Bad alternator-to-battery cable? (1 Viewer)

Aug 27, 2020
My battery light started coming on the other day as it got real cold, I figured the alternator had finally died and just decided to replace the alternator and battery at the same time.

Battery light is no longer on but I noticed the cable running to the alternator is heavily corroded and heat-burned. Additionally while sitting at idle the battery doesn't charge, it sits at just under 12v.

My belief is that the cable has corroded to the point it's providing too much resistance for the alternator to charge properly? I should the "Big 3" upgrade at this point, right? Run a 0 gauge cable from the battery to the alternator, yes? Is the heavy positive line that runs from the battery to the alternator a straight run? Does it intersect or go anywhere else? I can see it running in a wiring loom under the front of the engine, but can't quite tell if it splits off anywhere?

tl;dr: Can I run a new positive line from the battery to alternator with 0 gauge wiring?


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