Back to normal ride height again

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Aug 17, 2005
Forest Falls, CA
Well since i added nearly 2,000 lbs to the rig.. it kind of sucked the life out of my OME 2.5" heavy lift. Especially the rear. It was super soft and very loose back there. Felt like a boat in the water.

So today the Slee 1" Spacers went in upfront and in the rear we added OME 'super heavies' 864's with 1" MAF coil spacer. The 864's are rated for nearly double the amount of weight of the 863's and the lift height is identical at unsprung weight. The ride height is back to where it was if not a tad higher than before. It's a little stinkbug and i think it's perfect because it's not loaded yet and it only has a 1/8 of a tank of fuel in it. Plus when i get the heavier aux tank it should sit level again.

On with the pics...

Before 850/863

After 850 1" spacer / 864 1" spacer
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Those spacers really make a difference.
Much nicer!
don't forget the obligatory

"I swear, this is all the mods I'm gunna do"

~for NOW!

you need a shirt,

"I don't add mods to my rig anymore...."

and on the back

"or any less!"

looks good. dibs on your old coils....
Looks good Dave, back up where it should be.

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