Axle / trasmission windup

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Aug 6, 2008
Oxford, England
Dear all,

I have just picked up a beautiful LC82 with manual transmission 3 difflocks (seperate switch for centre difflock). It starts and drives very well except 1 thing - real axle windup!

Every time I turn left or right the rear wheel sqeaks/spins, I jacked the rear axle to lift the wheels up and as soon as the wheel was close to being in the air it span (only one wheel of the rear axle) I tried lifting the front axle but there was no spin at all.
I thought this "reset" everything and tried driving the vehicle a few meters - as soon as I turned the same thing happened again :s

The transfer case is in H and none of the difflocks are switched on (all difflock lights are off)

I have not tried it on soft ground yet.

It has brand new 265/70/16 BFG AT's fitted by the previous owner.

Many thanks in advance for your tips and advice.
Try lifting one front tire and see if you can spin it by hand. If not, your center diff viscous coupler may be locked up. My wife's is.
I realize you say that there is no wind up in the front axle, but that might have been a coincidence, you may have unloaded it with the series of turns you made before parking it.
If you can spin one front tire, try the same thing on the rear axle. If it doesn't spin by hand (but the front one will), then the rear diff is probably locked. Lift both rear tires and turn one, if it's open the other tire should turn the opposite direction, if locked the tires should spin the same direction.


EDIT- I just realized you are not in North America, something I often overlook. I'm not even sure you have a viscous coupler in your transfer case, but the same tests should apply to make sure the center diff lock isn't locked.
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Thanks Spike I will try your recomendations shortly, I am not in North America but in Oxford England :)

CJF:- I do not know what is wrong with it which is why I post on here to see if any of you learned people can shed some light on my problem.

If the rear locker is stuck in even after I swith it off would the light still be on? (there are no lights lit on mine after I switch the lockers off)


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