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May 20, 2004
Below Da Bridge
So my front axle is broken and new parts are 900+. Time to go used. Which axles will fit?
93 FZJ 80 ABS, lockers.
Will all 80 series axles fit? Only FZJ axles?
I believe any 80 axle will bolt up. The only changes were ABS and the outer stub axle/ drive flange, IIRC they happened around the same time in or around '93. Later years got a different ABS sensor, but I think the plug for the wiring stayed the same and either sensor will work, but you might want to research that a bit more. I believe the sensors are interchangeable, so even if the wiring connections were different you could use your original ones. Your sig says 'Locked!', if that's factory then your options are a bit more limited if you need the 3rd member or housing. They use the same parts from the axle shafts out, but if you needed to change the housing and wanted to use your 3rd you'd have to do some minor surgery to make it fit a non-locked housing.

If I were you I'd be looking for a '94 or newer axle, newer the better just from a mileage (wear) standpoint. Older than '94 you'd want to make sure it has the longer axle stubs and drive flanges.

So, what'd you break?

I should have been more specific. I mean the axleshaft. The housing is fine.
You will want to find a 93-97 axle shaft...

Is there a difference? I thought all the 80 front inner axle shafts were the same- locker or not, ABS or not, etc.

Is there a difference? I thought all the 80 front inner axle shafts were the same- locker or not, ABS or not, etc.


I think they are all the same too. Just get a new inner shaft. I'm not sure I understand what the big deal is.
got one coming from a junkyard. had to get one from out of state. none in michigan!!
he asked "ABS or not" ( I'm getting the whole axleshaft including birf)
How much did it set you back? $$ ?
The birf end (stub axle) matters, sort of. It will either have an ABS ring or not. An ABS ring can be fitted to a non-ABS stub axle as far as I know. The issue then is that the splines on the end of the non-ABS ('91-possibly '93) stub axle would be shorter than a later axle. Of course, your truck being a '93 might have the shorter stub axle anyway. Either way, if you just need the inner axle you'll be covered. You might get a spare birf out of the deal, which is never bad. I'd see if you can get him to toss in the drive flange too, then you'd be covered for sure in the event you wanted to have a spare birf laying around.

$225 plus 15 shipping.

It'll be nice to have an extra birf lying around!

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