Axle code ID, 96 T100

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Dec 29, 2005
Craig, CO
Just bought a 96 T100, very nice truck. Original owner took very good care of it. Second owner, who only had it for a year repainted it and did alot of fixing on it, probably just to flip it.

One thing he did was put some late model Seqoia Rims on it, 16 inch, with 265/75/R16 tires. The original window sticker was with the truck and stated it had the optional styled steel rims and 31x10.5 tires added. I confirmed this, as the original 31 inch Goodyear spare is still under the truck, with the silver painted steel spoked rim.

The door sticker however shows the stock size of 235/75/R15 of course. Apparently that does not mean much though. The axle code is a A10A. Has the R150F tranny, V6 of course. I have no reason to beleive the diffs were ever changed, this rig has not been off roaded. I can't seem to find this code deciphered anywhere.

Just trying to figure the diff ratio out and figure out just how far off the speedo is with the larger tires. Was any speedo correction done at the factory for the 31 inch tires????

Thanks, G.
Congrats on finding a nice T100. They're getting harder to come by these days.

After years of ownership and reading about T100 axle and gearing codes, the one consistent thing I can tell you is that Toyota was fairly inconsistent in how they labled them. There are some widely accepted rules of thumb in the T100 community when it comes to gearing codes.

*Almost* all 4x4 T100's were geared as follows -

5 speed manual = 4.10's
Automatics = 4.30's

A few '93 & '94 models were offered with 4.70's but they are rather rare.

The optional tire package with 31's was fairly common. The speedo should have been recalibrated but if not we're talking about what, a 3% difference between 235's and 31's...? Not much at all.

If you have a GPS or a cop friend with a radar gun, you should be able to determine if the speedo is accurate.

Here's a few links to further confuse you regarding T100 gear codes -

Brians gear ratios & diff page

Erik B's gear ratios & diff page

Two pages of T100 factory specs -
page one
page two

Hope this helps a little - :beer:
Thanks for the info, truck seems to do well, so it is at least the 4.10, I hope. I had read those pages referenced on the axle codes, that is why I had no clue what a A10A was.

On the speedo calibration, was that done at the factory/dealer for the 31 inch tires and what was done. I realize it is not a huge amount off, but it does make a difference. It really makes a difference if it is set at 235's when I now have 31.5 inch tires with the 16 inch rims on it. If it was calibrated for the 31's then it should be very close. I'll try and check it with GPS soon. What got me wondering is my wife followed me home after buying it, and I was really outpacing her Subaru. I was pretty much doing the speed limit, or a little above according to the speedo, but she said I was really flying, as in really speeding.
My rig runs right on with the 265s, and the speedo shows about 3-4 mph faster than I am going with the 235s (at 70 mph). Mine also came with the 31s. With 305s on it, it ran 3-4 mph faster than the speedo showed. (also at 70)

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