For Sale Aussie locker and 1" wheel spacers - Sacramento, CA

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Jan 14, 2003
Wilton, Ca
Aussie locker model XD-21230, just pulled it out of my FJ40 front diff this weekend. Pins and springs in good condition and the teeth all still have sharp edges. Not much use since it was in the front diff, maybe 4-5 wheeling trips. $200 plus shipping
aussie 1.jpg
aussie 2.jpg
aussie 3.jpg

Also have some billet aluminum 1" wheel spacers, 6x5.5", used but in good condition, no lug nuts - $50 plus shipping
obo. Would consider trades for Bestop soft top (just the top, have the frame)
Make me an offer
Just installed mine, couple days ago,in the front, have loud clunk clink and car would vibrate a little, every time i turn. On 4x4 . Just wondering if you had the same thing. Thanks.
If you are on pavement it will make a lot of noise since both tires are getting full traction/power
1" Spacers still available

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