Are OME coils side specific?

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Turd Herder
Apr 24, 2010
Eagleville, TN
I have been searching and seems like I ran across a thread where someone mentioned that the OME coils may be side specific. I am wondering if anyone can confirm this or not? I ask because after taking some recent measurements I have found that my cruiser is almost exactly 1" lower on the DS than the PS. I am working on a FF that I am going to swap in soon and I figure if I need to swap the coils that would be a good time.

If the coils are not side specific, would it hurt anything to swap them anyway or should I look into getting a 1" spacer to level things out.


The common error is in the front where people put the springs on the incorrect side...since in OZ the DS is on the right. Not sure of the actual length difference, but do recall it being important to pay attention to putting the one labeled DS on the right (when seated in the truck).


OME coils show A for the Australian driver's side, which goes on our right side. The B-labled coil then goes on the left. both here and Downunder.

Confused yet?:hmm:

It does sound like your 1" difference might be due to such a mismatch.
I installed the taller coils on the driver side 'cuz that's where my fat butt sits and the gas tank is on that side too.:lol:
Thanks, the PO had the lift installed and i have been working to make it more my own and while swapping some smaller tires on to get into the garage I noticed that the PS seemed slightly taller. I think the little tags are still on the coils so I will double check tonight.


Well, I just went out and checked and the "A" coils are both on the DS (left side if seated in the truck), so if I understand what I am reading, then this is backwards and they need to be swapped. Correct?

I am a little confused at this point...:hmm:

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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The reason for this, I recently discovered, is because the engine is slightly offcenter. This puts more weight on one side.
Thanks, I hate to say it but it doesn't really surprise me, just another thing on a growing list of things that seem to have been done half***ed. I am just glad I caught it before I tore everything down.

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