Are lighter tires "weaker?" (1 Viewer)

Feb 18, 2021
New to off-roading and would appreciate your input on the following:

Acquired a 2005 LX which I’ll use for off-road explorations in the UT/AZ/CO area. I will be getting LT E tires. Ideally, I want the lightest tire possible to lessen the effects on acceleration, braking distance etc. But would a lighter tire sacrifice durability compared to a heavier tire? The main reason I am getting the LT E tire, after all, is its durability and puncture resistance. For example, in 275/70/18 I have my eyes on:

Toyo Open Country AT III @53 lbs
BFG KO2 @ 58 lbs

I am leaning towards the Toyo’s, but is their lighter weight an indication of lesser durability compared to the KO2? And in general, all things being equal, is a heavier tire less likely to sustain damage on the trail?

Thanks in advance

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