ARB sidesteps - how do you like em?

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Dec 31, 2021
Hi all

Just wondering - if you have the ARB sidesteps installed - how do you like them? I am considering buying a set - since i have to load and unload the roofrack and miss some sidesteps 😅
I installed a set a while back, on a clients truck. They are a tall step, almost at the threshold for the door entry, therefore not a great help to get in and out of the truck…they also have 2 or maybe 3 sets of holes to install them higher on a truck that has a body lift. If you don’t then you end up with this extra metal hanging down below the frame, which in my opinion should be cut off if you’re off roading much.

They are a pretty robust step, but not quite slider grade protection. Good platform to reach up onto the roof though.

I really like them. Not real rocksliders but have often helped me save my rocker panels. Well made and practical. Quite easy to install.

Spacers must be used for the brake and diesel lines (in my case) fixation along the frame to set up the U-bolts of the sidesteps.

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