Wanted ARB non winch bumper for a 1994 FZJ80

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Mar 6, 2006
Westwood, Ca/Ixtapa MX/Ahwatukee, Az
As close to Phoenix as possible (or in so cal as close to L.A.)
Anyone? I called Man A fre yesterday, Expect my tax return shortly gonna get it one way or t'other!

Due to the headgasket job I did not get this yet. I'll be ready for it in a few weeks to a month anyone got something for me?
Thanks for the heads up, I searched & can't find the thread. Can you point me to it or give me a specific word in it?

I searched ARB & his user name in for sale & then in classifieds & then just all forums & got no ARB thread.

Thanks. I want an ARB.

I gave one of those damage multipliers to the body shop (along with the tail light "guards") when I repainted my truck.
Alrighty this is my last plea. I am going to L.A. the weekemd of the 10th & failing someone beating Man A Fre's 665.00 price I'll be getting my non winch Bullbar from them. Anyone???

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