Aqualu Aluminum 4 door FJ body ! thread

Dec 29, 2007
Madison, MS
I just got off the phone the Aqualu guy that builds the aluminum 4 door landcruiser bodies. They Basically look like a 4 door 40 series. The body is built for a fj45. Well I was discussing how Rare the 45 is here in the states and his comment was that he realized this and was considering making the body to fit the 80 series since the wheelbases were close to a 45. I also mentioned to consider the 60 series & the 55 & 100 series I think that these platforms would be much more successful in the states. So here is what we need to do : ).

Let's send in some emails to and push this !

I am haunted by the rod millen build similar to this, it's on a 100 series frame.

What do you guys think?

I have started a thread in the chit chat section on Ih8mud and on Pirate4x4 in the general 4x4 discussion sections under this same title.

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