anyone with a 1fz-f (carb) with a HAC

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Sep 20, 2007
I have 1992 fzj80 with 1fz-f engine, i am wondering if anyone has a High Altitude Compensator on it, where do the hoses connect to the carburetor?
1fz-f (carb)1.jpg
I dident know there was a 1FZ carb model. Is it true it has an iron head?

as for the answer to your question....I wish I knew.
I think the head is the same aluminum, but as for carb, i think they made them because there's no smog laws and cheaper to manufacture, not sure, but it loses some power when in high altitudes mine is a desert vehicle. so i bought a high altitude compensator but have no idea where the hoses will plug.

oh well i guess i will do trial and error
that's great, where is it from i am trying to pinpoint the countries that had a HAC
Mine one is assembly in Colombia, it´s a 1996 FZJ73

The number 1 is going to the carb
The number 2 is going to the intake

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Thank's a million, although i think the carb you have is region specific (high altitude), if this is the case i would have to get a general spec carb, i will make sure later today, tinker with it see what comes out of it.

going up to 3400 and above is great news, mine starts losing power at about 1500 and above, yesterday we went up to 1400 but it pulled great. some pics.
You´re welcome, i don´t know if it´s an special model, the places where we go don´t have snow, we have a lot of mud, rock and a mixture of both.
One of the last trips we began at 2650, then 3350 and down to 850, some pics it´s from Bogota – Muzo, where emeralds are found.



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awesome scenery and nice cruiser, the 70's are strong and very reliable but Toyota here doesn't import them(that sucks), we get them mostly from Gulf countries, my friend wants to buy a LC pick up, but they changed the classic look at least in our area they did.
Mine one is assembly in Colombia, it´s a 1996 FZJ73

The number 1 is going to the carb
The number 2 is going to the intake

i got it hooked up, and everything seems to be working normal (albeit, at sea level), but i haven't tested it yet, since i live at sea level, and only go mountain trails on weekends, in any case, i am not sure if i got the hoses and valve right, in the EPC diagram, it has the valve connected on the ( 1 ) while u have the valve connected on (2). i will give both a try see what works.
hey can one of you take a full engine pic for me?? just interested as i know thier only in pre 98 4.5s,so quite a rare engine =)
Hi All
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I am faced with the same dilemma.

Which combination with the valve, performed best?

Thank you
sorry for a very late late reply but 1 to carb 2 intake seems best and logical, in the carm fj60 they also connect to distributor, i am trying to figure a way to that as well

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