Anyone have a line on paint?

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Apr 21, 2008
So Cal
The front panel (sits just bellow the grill, between the fenders containing the turn signals) was pitted up and beginning to rust to i decided to refinish it. I found that Duplicolor has the Toyota factory white (045) in a spray can, but i have been unable to locate it anywhere locally (Long Beach/OC). Does anyone know where i might be able to pickup a can and or a pint or less of factory white (paint code 045) in the area ? Thanks!
Outside of checking with a local body shop to see how much they'd rape you to mix a pint and maybe put it in a rattle can - No.

Down south in Laguna Niguel, there's an auto paint store right off Avery at I-5 that carries all the auto paints and could probably mix a pint and rattle can it for you.

This is the place - did an aerial view of the map to confirm that's the place I remember:

Paint Store in Laguna Niguel,*CA*|*28052 Camino Capistrano, # 113,*Laguna Niguel,*CA

Give them a call and see!

If they do and you don't want to make that long a trip down, perhaps we can work out a paypal payment to me so I can pay for it and meet you here in Irvine where I work to save you an extra 40 miles of driving.
Thanks Brent!
Ya, i have been calling around and it appears to be about $100 a pint. I have a buddy who paints and he can shoot it for me...But i was hoping to find it in a can and spray it myself (i have had good luck in the past). Thanks again for the offer and i might just hit you up!
Offer is only good because you have a great white whale too! :flipoff2:
Hey check this one out. Might be worth a phone call to see if they actually stock 045 white.

Aerosol Spray Paint, Spray Cans, Lacquer Clear Coat, Lacquer Primer

I put in the information for my car which is also Awesome White, and it looks like they have it, but I'd call for sure.

$19.95/can is pricey, and $7.80 shipping (to me) is a lot but maybe all of us whitey owners could go in on some, I know I could use some touching up!


edit: this site has it for $5.99/can, they show 45 as the color code and it's Duplicolor. This is for a 5 oz can, the other above is for a 12 oz can.
Give Whittier Paint a call. I've had them mix me a few rattle cans before. IIRC it was $40 per pint and $10 for the rattle can. You'll also need a can of clear, $10. A pint will fill 2-3 rattle cans.
Thanks gang...I am giving all of your suggestions a call tomorrow! I guess i should have checked where i could get the paint BEFORE i tore off the piece, sanded and primed it!

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