Wanted Anybody want to trade a winch ARB for a non-winch ARB

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Oct 13, 2003
United States

The "free to me" Warn M12000 I have been borrowing for the last 2 years is going back to its rigthful owner. Leaving me winchless but with a winch style ARB.

I can't say there isn't a mark on this bumper but I didn't notice one the last time I washed it. Has the Slee a/c drier skidplate that I would like to keep.

Keeping this a local deal might work the best. The cost to ship two bumpers back and fourth probably would be a deal killer otherwise.


It might help to know where "local" is :confused: city/state?
PDX = Potland Oregon
And since this was moved out of the 80's section this is for an 80 series...
I would be interested in buying it but I dont have a non arb winch bumper to trade you. Let me know I would definatly be interested in yours if you just want to sell for a resonable price.
squeezer- please check your PM.

Alaskacruiser is first in line for any deal that involves shipping. Not really interested in selling outright and not really interested in anything other than a non-winch ARB in clean condition.


I'm in the Sacramento, CA area and would be willing to swap (assuming the condition of each bumper is equal).

I'm not heading up to PDX any time soon, unfortunately...

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