Anybody have a 255/85r16 KM2 tire?

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Dec 17, 2019
Ogden, UT
Hey all,

Anybody locally have a 255/85r16 tire or two that they have laying around as a spare? Bonus point's if it's a KM2. My buddy and I are leaving for a trip up to Utah Saturday morning, and we just noticed that one of his KM2's is bulging and we're trying to get it replaced before we go. Unfortunately, that tire size is pretty much out of stock nationwide, so replacing all 4 from a store is out of the question for now.
2022-03-01 17.35.54.jpg

(Worst case scenario, apparently Discount Tire in Encinitas has ONE 255/85r16 KM3, and he'll just go buy that one if we can't find a similarly worn KM2.)
I have them listed under GEAR FOR SALE in the Private section.
Basicly i'm selling 2 sets of 5 tires and wheels mounted and balanced both are 33x12.5x15R
5 are BFG KM2 and the other are 5 Cooper AT3 on FJ62 wheels, again both sets are almost new.
I leave Monday for St.George



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