anybody got access to a mill and laith?

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Apr 13, 2006
Edmonton, AB/Vancouver Island, B.C.
im going to start building my bender here pretty quick...starting to get my materials in order and want to get some stuff done up on a mill, not much. got a ballpark from duncan iron and the guy figured it would take them about an hour to do it.

would be willing to trade some welding/bending hour for hour, beer or if none of the first three appeal to you then i could shell out some cash for it also...just thought i would throw this out there.

YouTube - Air/Hyd Tube bender plans 2

the things i need milled are the bender arms themselves and then the same pattern into some 2x2x1/4 square tube

thats the bender im building...already have the ram and die here...just need to get the fab done.
yup, got 'er built. playing around with it trying to get things figured out when i have time....
I would like to help a fellow cruiser guy out but I am to far away even though I am on the Island right now my equipment is at home.

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