Any other cruiserheads in Columbia MO?

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May 2, 2008
Columbia, MO
Hey all I was told some Columbia cruiserphiles might be around on this forum. I just bought a 94 FZJ80 and im looking for other local cruiser heads, ive only seen a few 80s in town and a couple of 40s (one of my good customers atwork has an 80 and a 100 both of them beautiful) BTW im the service manager at Custom Complete Automotive on providence road (2 blocks from broadway) If anyone needs anything done that they cant do themselves (my exhaust guy is tops and his welding is REALLY good, our bender isnt mandrel but it can bend some pretty thick pipe so if anyone needs any pipe bent for any custom fab stuff, we also have a new MIG welder so if anyone needs anything welded just let me know, also im looking for a local number to call when I have a question, or if anyone wants to wheel some time.
Alan (Chef) - Pres of the TLCA is there. Steve (Sherpa) is also located there. They are both great people. They are the ones that introduced me to Cruisers.

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