Any fusible link experts in Los Angeles?

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Aug 20, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
I know this is probably simple for many but I'm not very knowledgeable. Trying to learn though.

I've had my 80 for a little over year. It's always in and out of the shop. Cant get rid of a stalling issue. Sometimes its fighting to stay on at idle or even driving. Other times it runs fine. No pattern to it. Had a shop change out fuel pump, fuel regulator and fuel injectors hoping that would be the fix. Changed out the MAF. o2 seems to be good according to them. Fusible link is just another step into trying to remedy this.

I got a new link from Wits End. I also got a new junction brick. I went to go replace everything this morning and noticed that there's no male connector for my replacement fusible link. Instead, the previous owner put it into the battery terminal. I think thats what's happening at lest.

Anyone in LA area ever have this issue and fix it? I'd like to do it myself but would love an expert opinion. And at this point, anyone is more of an expert than I am.


After all that work, have you checked the big black intake tube for cracks? Symptoms you describe could be caused by something as simple as a crack allowing too much air at idle. Does it run well at speed? It would because of the suction at speed 'closing' that crack just enough.
Ditto on the air intake, it will cause intermittent problems. It costs about $130 for original part from wits end and takes ten minutes to replace. 80 Series 1FZ Air Intake Hose (95-97) . The fusible link replacement is easy about ten minutes and it sounds like you got the black case as well, it will break when you pop it open. It simply takes the wire from the alternator and connected to the black box connector with a few wires to the positive battery post.

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