Any Escapade or Hiker Trailer owners?

Oct 18, 2018
Hey y’all!

Looking for opinions from any owners of the Escapade Backcountry or Hiker Trailer. My wife and I are basically looking for an insulated box to sleep in that makes camping during shoulder seasons in the high country and at campgrounds more pleasant, and we have two young kids. Both are available with bunks for two kids, both are similarly priced and equipped. Any comments on build quality or durability?

Another related question: any advice on best heating option for a teardrop? I see both 12v and propane systems used, wouldn’t probably be out in anything colder than 20F. Concerned about how much propane it would take to run for a few nights in a row and the same for the electricity with a 12v heater. Hiker Trailer’s propex heater gets costly quickly with the higher Ah battery and recommended solar, Escapade uses a 12v unit and doesn’t comment on the need for solar.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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