Another oil leak thread

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Oct 30, 2006
Columbus, OH
I have been chasing oil leaks for the past few days. I am getting the infamous drip off the bottom of the transmission bell housing. I get one drip on the driveway ever three days now. It has never dripped before. Searching has revealed that the cause is most likely the pan arch or possibly the rear main seal. I re-torqued the oil pan bolts somewhere between 75 and 100 Inch LB's. My torque wrench is a bar type so it's not that precise. None ofthe bolts appear to have tightened.

Looking at the front of the engine behind the AC compressor, there is a wet spot, see picture below. The spot looks too high for the front main seal. Is this something I should be concerned about? Would it be wise to try to snug the bolts holding this piece on? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Oil Leak.jpg
Most common leaks on the front side are crank shaft seal, oil pump gasket, distributor o-ring, and possibly valve cover gasket. I'd clean is up good and then check back over the next couple of days and look for where the wet spot starts.


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