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Apr 18, 2011
anothe new guy checking in. Ive spent ALOT of time sneakn around in here doing alot of research on the 80 series cruiser before i purchased one. Had my first experience with an 80 while I was deployed to Saudi Arabia. I recently retired from the Air Force and finally found one with in my price range. I spent 3,000 on a green 93 thats bone stock. It has 354k on the clock and still runs great. Ive only had a couple of issues with it in the few months ive owned it but they were all easy fixes without alot of time standing around scratchn my head trying to figure out what was wrong with it (Thanks to you guys) I would post some pictures but havent figured out how to do that yet ???
He must mean 154k.. there is no way a LC can do 350k :rolleyes:

Weclome! That does not look like a 354K truck, very nice.
My 93 has 247xxx, I just drove a 93 the other week with 317xxx, it felt more peppy than my 93 with lower miles and better maintenance. My theory is the 1fz gains compression with age and the only fools are those who sell them because they are scared of the mileage. Good score. Gratz!

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