Another diff breather extension

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Feb 26, 2004
I finally got around to doing the diff breather mod.

I really liked C-dan's idea of running the rear breather up into the fuel door, but when I got around to trying to take it apart to run it up, I said screw it and ran the line up into the rear hatch, outside the main seal. It was by far the easiest way to get up and out of the way.

Here's some pics of the rear breather. I post some more about the front....
The front breather was kind of interesting, because it has little box thing that is part of the breather system. I'm sure it's purpose has been covered before, but I'm not sure what it's for. What I did was run the breather and attach the box using it's 12mm bolt to the intake manifold where it's nice and secure.
It looks like the part number on it is: 43291-60010.

I'm curious what Toyota calls it. I tried to run it through some online parts number data bases, but nothing comes up.

The only thing I can figure is its something to prevent overpressuration of the system. Somehow that must be a risk with the front axle and perhaps reduces the risk of blowing the outer axle seals by allowing for some expansion.

Or maybe, the box assists in keeping the one way valve closed when underwater, thereby making sure water doesn't get into the front axle and past the seals where it could do more damage to the more critical front axle.
When you decided to do this...i am assuming you thought the "auto and transfer" breathers where sufficiently high enough? of course i am referring off of the following website... Diff & Gearbox breather extension

just curious...


Nice pics though I think your ideas for the diffs is what i will do!

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