Alternator connector terminal copper?

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Oct 20, 2005
Upon replacing my 80amp 3FE alternator, I see that the bottom of the terminal ring or eye has been partially melted.
(I included a poor quality cellphone pic, no macro for marco.)


The trouble started and ended when I attempted an ignition start too soon after a first attempt.
Heard a pop, vehicle started but dash lights(during eve) became very bright....and then repeatedly.
Noticed the voltmeter had tanked to 11 ish. Turned off vehicle for repair.

The 2 wires going to the single ring connector were partially severed so now I have to either attempt to re-use the old crimped one or find a new terminal...on Sunday.

I was able to get to a couple of hardware stores on sat eve, but the ONLY wire connectors I'm finding are aluminum.:mad:
When did they outlaw copper connectors?
I'd rather wrap the two wires around the alt's post before I install an AL connector.

Any ideas on where to locate a similar copper connector on a Sunday? lol

It also looks like I'll also be replacing several inches of wire due to corosion(GREEN) that was found inside of the plastic sheathing of one of the wires.

My old alt was a Bosch reman'd unit that carried a lifetime warranty thru Bapgeon parts. This was the Cruiser's 3rd alt in 7 years.
I decided to bite the bullet and pony up the cash for Toyota dealer's ND reman'd unit this time around. But not before I traded in my Bosch for a new shiny one.

So if you want a new reman'd 80amp Bosch AL3238X for a 3fe, send me a PM with an offer.
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After looking at it more, I'm thinking it's some form of electrical brass.
Just to close out my lonely thread...

...ended up using a narrow-width cutting wheel on my dremel to etch out a groove on the center of the top crimp. Once that was done, I used a screwdriver to pry it open and remove the old strands of wire.

Cleaned it up and re-used it.

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