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Jan 3, 2017
Hi folks,
I have an 06 Lx 139k, oem alternator replaced about a year ago.
On drive in to work (high 30s/low 40s) today in MA, I noticed that battery dash light came on....only when I flipped on the headlights.
Car sat in lot all day during work and started right up when I left work, and fm transmitter for iPhone showed me at 14.4 volts right after startup. I tried headlights again, same thing as am, dash battery light came on only with headlights on. I turned off every convenience item and drove to my local shop. They tested battery which seems fine, at 710 amps after driving home, and turned on all electric items in the cabin and volts never dropped below 14.2. But when headlights turned on dropped to 13.4, and of course dash battery light came on again.

Shop thinks it could be the alternator but alternator still seems to be charging the battery, plan is to order one in but prior to install they want to make sure nothing is awry with headlights wiring. All headlights work normal, and they are all the old same standard bulbs I have used, no new changes. I did pay attention when the cabin was quiet and engine idling in my driveway that I do hear an audible click when I flip on the headlights but never paid attention before so this may be normal?

Does the alternator seem reasonable as the culprit? I would expect the battery to drain if it was, and for now it doesn’t seem like it is draining. I have the battery on a trickle charger tonight as I daily the lx and need it for work commute and don’t want to take any chances.

Again, alternator is oem, about a year old, and under warranty.
Thanks in advance for your input!

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