All in a days chaos

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Mar 15, 2005
on stage
First thing happened today somebody backed into my mercedes while my wife was driving it across the Jitney (aka Mcdades) parking lot. Supposedly his insurance will cover.
april 10 2009 029.jpg
april 10 2009 028.jpg
april 10 2009 027.jpg

Second thing was I bought my soon to be 14 yr old a new bike and we rode some trails down by the Pearl where we saw this critter. definately a copperhead--watch yourselves down there. We discovered it by accidentally running over it. Note the tire mark on its neck.
april 10 2009 021.jpg
april 10 2009 022.jpg
april 10 2009 023.jpg
I wanna die and come back as Barry's kid.
No doubt! Not only did he get a sweet ass bike for his bday, but he's sportin' a CottonLand Shirt, and gets to go mtn biking with his pop and offroading adventures!
Good job Barry
He has a few of the CLC shirts and I've never seen him without one on! He's a huge CLC supporter.

Sucks about the car. Sorry man.

Sweet that you didn't get bit by that snake.

Good for you for buying him a nice bike. He'll use it for sure.
Butterflies are pretty.

That snake scares the s*** out of me.

That boy lovs his bike and his Dad that much I'm sure of.

Car can be fixed.
They may have to paint the whole car if they can't match it!!

Sweet bike. Nice CLC SCC shirt.

Beautiful and scary snake. Pictures of snakes are the only snakes I like.

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