Al Jacobs' "Pumpkin" Orange paint for FJ40

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Apr 5, 2009
Hey everybody. I have a couple questions regarding painting my vehicle using Al Jacobs' recipe for the OEM orange FJ40 paint.

I hope it won't discourage the FJ guys from helping me out when they find out I want to use the paint on my CJ5 :eek:

I'm planning on doing a frame-off restore this summer, and after hours and hours of browsing through paint codes, I absolutely fell in love with this orange when I looked at this:

Pumpkin Orange Color by Al Jacobs

I've helped paint a couple cars before, but I really know nothing when it comes to mixing colors by proportions like shown in the above link. I'll most likely have a professional spray this for me since I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of cash invested in the paint and prep.

Really, I need to know how much of each item to buy. It says "gallon formula using PPG MAE...", but surely I won't need a gallon of each ingredient..

This is probably a stupid question, and I apologize for that, haha. I Googled this stuff and couldn't find much in the way of an explanation for what "parts" and "cumulative" meant when it comes to mixing paint.

Thanks for any and all help.

Great color! Looks good on 55's too. My understanding after reading through that was that he posted the formula used to make up one gallon of mixed paint. I don't think you'll be buying the ingredients....they'll likely add them in wherever you get your paint from, or wherever you get it painted. :cheers:
Ah, alright then. Thanks Porky - I'll have to go over to the paint store tomorrow and see if they can help me out.
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Here's a pic of a truck I did with Al/s formula. Looks way better than pollux orange. Still my favorite color!

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