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Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC
Thinking Fox 2.5s on the front, matched with a 3-link and possibly a Currie Anti-Rock. Enough for an 80? Would it be dumb to have the front air-shocked with the rear as factory?
just a trail rock buggy? then ok...but the 80 is pretty darn heavy and if you blow one, your axle will be riding the bumpstops all the way back to your trailer...

why do you want to get rid of the coils?

why not go coilover or remote res and get rid of the emlusion shocks
Not 100% happy with any of the coils on the market right now, don't have the money for coil-overs, and want to be able to haul ass through the rough stuff. I would rather have coil-overs, but it seems like there is more to get wrong in tuning a coil-over (and cost).

Haven't seen many air-shocks blow out unless the rig didn't have proper bumpstops or something out of the norm happened. And then the blown shock would be the last thing keeping the rig from moving. But if it happens, it happens.
if you want to haul ass, i think you want something that will not fade and easy to valve to your setup. stay away from emulsion shocks if that's the case.

I thought air shocks were only for buggies and light vehicles and not appropriate for the street. they use air shocks instead of coils, are you planning on keeping your front coils?
Nope, but I've seen air shocks on street rigs...they seem pretty safe now. Fox 2.5s are said to hold twice the load of the 2.0s, so if the 2.0s hold up 4-runners, jeeps, p/u's, and buggies, then 2.5s can hold the front of a cruiser....I hope. But I asked to find out for sure, and I agree...need something that doesn't fade and is easy to tune, air shock seems to fit that category IF it's enough for the 80.
call fox and find out. i would be interested to see what they say.
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I too have been pondering a three link and that is largely the reason I haven't stepped up OME or the slee kits. The fact is, bone stock I have been able to drive my truck where ever I have pointed it. Anyway FirstToy made some valid points. So IMO if you are going to spend the money get the best "KING" lots of different options.

King Off-Road Racing Shocks : High Performance Suspension
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I want air shocks because they are cheaper and seem easier, going Fox because I want quality...can't drop the coin for kings.
this is just a brain fart but I'm thinking you can make an "active" suspension with proper actuator placing on an air BAG setup.......I'm just say'en....

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