Air Fuel Meter Location

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
My O2 sensors are on their way out again (code 25 26) after 30,000 mi. Think its do to my 1qt oil per 1000 mi consumption.

I am just going unplug them again and run without like I did in the past and use an Air Fuel Meter to monitor the air fuel mixture.

Where is a good place to mount an air fuel meter? Would it be too close to the manifold to mount the meter in the PAIR port in the manifold/exhaust? I would assume I would need two meters as my exhaust doesn't connect till after the cats.

Would the oil burning mess up the sensor of the air flow meter like it does on the O2 sensors?

A dual meter like this should work.

Not sure what I would do if I was too rich or lean.
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Have you ever tried heating your o2 sensors up with a torch and burning the stuff off?

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That air fuel meter uses an oxygen sensor to measure your mixture just like your ECU does. If you don't mind the engine always running rich in open loop mode I wouldn't worry about it. I'd at least try burning the deposits off of them first.
Two meters and gauge seems like it would cost more than two new 02's.... I remember paying $200 for a AEM wideband unit for my old supercharged M3. And yes it does use its own O2 sensor which will most likely fail just as fast as the OEM 02's .

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