Air cleaner clean up

Dec 27, 2017
Grande Prairie, Alberta
I've had success lately with repairing corrosion damage on 1HZ steel air filter housings. Tiny rust holes are possible in some areas after blasting on bad units. I simply apply non-acid solder paste to the steel, and flow steel-type lead solder over the holes with a large 100W iron.

Usually the damaged areas are on the dirty ( outside) side of the filter.

Cleanup is easy with a file and a flapper disc to bring everything level.

As the part doesn't get any real heat, and the original steel is very thin, this is an acceptable repair.

I cover off my repaired and blasted bare steel with black DOM-16, available here in Canada. You could also use POR-15 for most areas. Black spray rust paint is required to get into some of the tough areas.
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