Advice for rotor replacement

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Sep 9, 2007
Kennedrunksnort Maine
Before I get flamed, I was looking for FAQ's but didn't see anything. What's a good bet on rotor replacements? OEM thru CDan or something aftermarket? See there's some canadian company, Lomandi, but know nothing about them-only feedback I saw was that using their pads seemed to wear non-Lomandi rotors faster and the pads had little wear. Looking for options as I will be needing to do fronts first and would like to do my suspension as well this summer.
The buzz on this forum is to avoid the made in China rotors . . .
. . however, my replacment is a made in China....

Pads were made in Canada....

Parts from local NAPA
. . .pads were a step up from the bottom of the list
. . .rotor was bottom of list

Know it may not last as long as OEM, but needed them 'now' and also
know I'll probably do knuckle job in a year or so....and do rotors right at that time...

So far ( only 500 mile later) no problem....
I've had the best luck with OEM parts from CDan. I bought all 4 of my rotors through him and they have been working very well. I'd stay away from the aftermarket stuff. I usually end up spending more in the long run when I go that route.
The OEM ones from CDAN arent that much more than aftermarket. You know they will last too since most original sets make it to around 100K miles. Do the 100 series pads too and you will be happy. Why chance having to tear it down twice.
So you use the 100 series pads instead of the 80's? Can you give me a ballpark of cost on the OEM's?
i also run the NAPA chinese rotors, but the pads are the PFC carbom metalics. they have held up pretty good. i did have to return the first pair of rotors to napa within a few weeks, i guess they didnt agree with the organic pads that i was using at the time. PBR brand.
go aussie

I replaced my front rotors @ 75K with DBA 4000 slotted rotors from Man-a-Fre, and DBA "PBR 4x4" pads and immediately noticed a 25% gain in stopping power. The OEM setup seems to last 15-30K miles for a set of the pads, YMMV. I am just now replacing my DBA front pads ($50) and rear pads ($42) with the same "PBR 4x4" pads @ 55K miles. The rotors are slightly larger for more surface area, yet still bolt directly on. The pads are larger too= more stopping power. They, too, swap right out, and NO dust on your wheels. Cost less than OEM. Upon inspection, I found I won't need to have the rotors turned. Those aussies make nice brakes. :cool:
I got these from R-1 Concepts and so far they are working great, and they get abused daily in heavy stop and go traffic. Paid $94 for a set and if I'm not mistaken shipping charges were very low, even for Puerto Rico. I just ordered a second set for my other Cruiser. The pads and caliper paint were from Autozone.:D

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I would stick with Genuine parts, but got the EBC green stuff for pad. I paid $150 for the rotors at Toyota of Dallas. $36 for the 100 series pad but I decided to try EBC green stuff this time.
It depends on how much $ you want to spend. You can go with OEM, allot of guys on here do and swear by it. I go OEM on almost everything, but the rotors and pads wear out, regardless of what brand or type you get. For my rotors and pads, I go with the premium NAPA parts. They cost about half of the OEM and IMO, last as long if not longer. The premium pads (a ceramic blend) do not dust and are comparable to the 100 series pads.

I work for a law enforcement agency and that is all we use on our vehicles for a reason. They last.

So.......How much do you want to spend?
I just did the front rotor swap and went to 100 series pads. The rotors were $80 each and pads were $56 from CDan.


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