Adding an aftermarket XM antenna to a 200 series (2 Viewers)

Jan 11, 2003
El Paso, Texas
Thanks to @BigMF for his work on identifying where the plug was and a great video on how to take the radio out. After seeing his post , I was a mission to find an adapter so I could use a high gain XM antenna on my truck.

After much searching, I found the adapter that is needed to use an aftermarket XM antenna on the 200 Series Land Cruiser. makes the adapter needed for this modification.

There is a slight modification required for this adapter to work and is very minor easily performed with a sharp utility knife.

Now I can use a high gain XM antenna and eliminate all the dead zones.

The customer service is outstanding, with quick answers to my e-mailed questions. Something that is hard to find with an Internet company.



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