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Dec 15, 2017
South Australia
I've got a 2004 HZJ 105-series base model that has manual windows and no central locking for the doors (and as far as I know it never did prior to my purchase of the vehicle in 2017). This wasn't an issue before but now that we have a baby, it's a little annoying having to unlock the front passenger door and reach through to unlock the rear passenger door in order to access the car seat in the back and to go around to each door individually to lock them at the end of the trip. All with an infant in one arm; it's not the most convenient.

To make our lives easier, I'm wondering if it's possible to add central locking and how easy it is. I don't need a remote system, just to be able to unlock/lock one of the front doors with the key and it unlocks/locks all the other doors at the same time. Is there any chance the wiring is already in place and it just needs some things plugged in, fuses added, and lock actuators added? Or is there a chance that central locking is already in place but a fuse has burned out or ground come off somewhere that the previous owner never fixed? I'm sure I could take it in and have it added but I'd like to try to do it myself if it's not too complicated (or expensive). I'm still a newbie at all this and not terribly electrically inclined so details/specifics/photos would go a long way to helping.


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